International Association of Public Participation USA (IAP2USA)

  • AP2 views public participation as any process that involves the public in problem solving or decision making and uses public input to make decisions. Public participation includes all aspects of identifying problems and opportunities, developing alternatives and making decisions. It uses tools and techniques that are common to a number of dispute resolution and communications fields. Public entities are increasingly bringing the people they serve into the decision-making process

International Association of Public Participation Los Angeles Chapter Facebook Page

  • The local representation of IAP2 USA in Southern California was first convened by Kit Cole, then the Director of Public Involvement and Education for Southern California Edison and presently the principal of Kit Cole Consulting, in June 2015. The group gathers colleagues for the sake of education and building relationships with others who value community engagement work in both the public and private spheres. Practitioners, conveners, hosts and those who value the impact of public participation practices are welcome to join in our meetings.

Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership

  • Today's public leaders not only need to possess the tools of effective policy analysis, but they must understand how these policies will be accepted and sustained by a public. Pepperdine offers students that distinctively comprehensive curriculum, which contemplates that there is, indeed, a "public" in public policy – one that must be both involved and informed to form sustainable solutions.

The Participation Company

Dr.Marty Rozelle

  • Dr. Marty Rozelle is a recognized leader in public participation, specifically in facilitation and consensus building. She has been a practitioner in the areas of policy development, third-party facilitation, process design, and conflict resolution for more than 30 years, applying these skills to a wide range of projects. Marty has extensive experience in implementing different collaborative, problem-solving techniques, having facilitated a consensus or designed effective communication strategies for more than 400 forums and citizen committees.

Wendy Lowe

  • Wendy Green Lowe has over 29 years of experience in group process facilitation and public participation support. She has managed large- and small-scale public participation programs within approved budgets and on schedule to meet client objectives on highly controversial issues. 

Scott Woodhill

  • Interpersonal Communication expert specializing in conflict resolution, coaching, and training. Based in Southern California with a national reach.